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how to lose weight

how to lose weight

how to lose weight

Losing weight for many people is still a difficult thing to do. Various methods ranging from strict dieting, exercise hard, and others. But did you know that in fact there are some unusual ways that can help you lose weight?

Here are some ways surprising that weight loss

1. Clean up
Cleaning the house and work desks can not only be a form of exercise that is not burdensome, but also can make you reduce cravings. A study revealed that people who clean his desk has a smaller tendency to eat snacks than people with cluttered his desk. In addition, people who usually prefer a tidy desk healthier snacks like fruits compared to chocolate.

2. Looking into the mirror
Look at yourself in the mirror could also be one way to lose weight. How can? By seeing yourself into your glass will increase the awareness of self, including on the shape of the body and the desire to diet. People who frequently looks into the mirror and be aware of the shape of her body will usually reduce cravings and choose foods that are healthier, than people who never pay attention to her body.

3. Organize the refrigerator
What is in the fridge you determine whether your diet will be successful or not. Keep healthy foods in the fridge so you will not be tempted to eat other foods that are not healthy. Do not keep unhealthy foods in your refrigerator.

4. Pay with cash
What is the relationship between pay with cash and weight? Researchers from Cornell University found that people who tend to prefer to pay cash usually choose foods that are healthier than those who pay with credit.

5. Send sms
Transmit the results and progress of the diet via sms, either in couples, friends, or others will help you lose weight faster. A study revealed that women who send their progress through sms diet lost weight more quickly than those who only recorded their progress in journals or books.

That's some surprising ways that can help you lose weight. Way over the odds seem strange and absurd, but there is no harm in trying. Who knows the steps above can indeed help you lose weight faster.

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